Port Bredy Allstar Majorettes

1927 - The History of Majorettes - 2017

In 1927, Ed Clark, who went on to launch a baton-manufacturing company, turned a pool cue into a baton for his daughter. Kitty Clark was a drum major with the Elkhart High School band. Girl drum majors had been born.
They’d be known as drum majors, then the more “feminine” drum majorettes, then simply as majorettes. They've since been referred to using several terms which include: drum major girls, baton twirlers, twirlers, or baton girls. However the word “drum majorettes” is still the preferred term, and at times it is shortened to “drummies”.

So that is where it all started, with regard to UK the 1980's appears to be the pinnacle of Majorettes in numbers and popularity. Although it seems the 1960's was probably the start of the USA influence as the first video from 1964 shows.

Lets move onto the 1980's to 1982 to be exact and Cork in Ireland

We fast forward by 30 years to a video from 2012 in Czech Republic.

Now a visit to Mont-de-Marsan in France for a 2017 display

Today majorettes exist in France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Austria, Lithuania, Ukraine and Sweden. Outside Europe the traditional majorettes exist in Tunisia, Algiers, Martinique, Guadalupe, Paraguay, Guayana, Polynesia, South Africa and the USA.

Finally a photograph of Majorettes in USA during 1939.